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International Shipping News

Since April 2020, my country’s post office had discontinued economical (or regular) international shipping after the breakout of COVID. I’ve been relying on a private courier service that still delivers with economical prices.

However, this courier company had also announced they made a decision to discontinue regular international shipping indefinitely.

I’ve been trying to find many other companies to help with this issue but to no avail. Right now I can only ship via Express Mail from various couriers. I understand there’s more costs and taxes for more customers using Express. I appreciate your understanding in these situations where I have no control over.

If there’s any other options I would definitely look into them. Till then, it’s just the Express Service that will deliver my hard work to your hands.

Thanks for reading. Contact me if you need any assistance.

Ship around 21 working days after order is made.

If your order includes fashions that need more working days, we’ll ship everything after all items are completed.

No returns or refunds. If there’s problem with your orders, kindly contact us.

Shipments from Malaysia take around 8 to 14 days to most Asia countries, 12 to 30 days to USA, Europe, UK and the rest of world.

Express shipping takes about 2 to 7 working days to most countries.

Please review all shipping options before checking out cart.

We have no control or authority over lost or uninsured packages.

We are not responsible for buyer’s country customs and VAT fees.

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